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Company profile

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The company was founded in 2003, formerly yuhuan county chengguan xing island machinery factory, founded in 1993, is specializing in the production of bolts, rivets, dowel, spacer ring, stents, steel wire rope, the strut assembly, end pieces, bushing, fixed bracket component, framework, trough, latches, lock tongue, guide ring, and other accessories professional manufacturer of car seat belt. Covers an area of about 8000 ㎡, with a construction area of 4000 ㎡, existing staff 78 people, with large, graduated from technical secondary school, and have, in the junior technical titles of technical personnel, management personnel more than 20 people, with automatic cold heading machine, open type tilting press, instrument lathe, ordinary lathe, centerless grinder, hydraulic thread rolling machine, constant temperature drying machine, RCW - 80-9 - mesh belt furnace heat treatment and other production equipment more than 100; There are standard load measuring instrument, multifunctional electrolysis thickness measuring instrument, salt fog corrosion test box, yanci meter and other testing equipment, the rate of equipment to ensure that meet the quality requirements of products, at the same time, also has a number of advanced processing equipment supplier enterprises. Over the years, to nanjing 513 factory, nanjing 307 factory, nanjing hongao company, nanjing Howe company, tianjin yizhong company, changchun hongao company, changchun maohong company, jiangsu overseas group, jiangsu xingang company implementation of supporting processing services, and has been evaluated as "A" level supporting enterprises.
The company to "start from me, to zero defect challenge, continuous improvement, enhance customer satisfaction" as the quality policy, to develop a full range of management, manufacturing excellent products, providing meticulous service as its own responsibility, established the iso9001:2000 quality management system. | sincerely thanks our customers at home and abroad for their support and love. Taizhou xingdao machinery manufacturing co., LTD is always your sincere partner!